American Truck Simulator v1.47.3.18-P2P

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling trucking adventure in the heart of Texas? Get ready to experience the spirit of the Lone Star State as you explore its vast ranches and encounter its lively livestock. American Truck Simulator Texas is here to bring you an immersive gaming experience like no other. Developed by talented indie creators, this simulation game will transport you into the world of trucking. Get behind the wheel and conquer the open road as you navigate through the scenic landscapes of Texas. So why wait? Start your trucking journey today and experience the thrill of American Truck Simulator Texas! Support the developers and buy the game now! You can find it on

Howdy, partners! Hope y’all will like your visit in the Lone Star State, Texas. This place ain’t full of cowboys anymore but the spirit lives on, especially in ranches you can find all ’round. We also got a lot of cattle and other livestock so your truckin’ adventures will be lively.

Title: American Truck Simulator Texas

Genre: Indie, Simulation

Release Date: 15 Nov, 2022

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American Truck Simulator v1.47.3.18-P2P
Size: 14 GB

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