Them and Us Build 7020100 Early Access

In the dark and mysterious year of 1978, a chilling tale of survival unfolds on the treacherous dirt roads of a vast American wilderness. Meet Alicia, a young woman haunted by a lifetime of tragedy, who finds herself alone and injured after a horrific bus crash. What follows is a surreal and deadly nightmare, as she navigates the twisted realm of Them and Us. Immerse yourself in this action-packed, adventure-filled indie game, available now for free download. Experience the heart-pounding thrills and unravel the secrets lurking in the shadows. Don’t miss out on the chance to support the talented developers behind this gripping tale. Get your copy today at

The year is 1978 A lone bus, A terrible crash, out upon the old and winding dirt roads which skirt a vast American wilderness. A survivor. A young woman, her mind scarred by a life of tragedy, her name is Alicia. She is alone. She is injured. And around her, quietly, slowly, a surreal and deadly nightmare unfolds.

Title: Them and Us

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Early Access

Release Date: 7 Sep, 2018

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Them and Us Build 7020100 Early Access
Size: 29 GB

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