How to Download

  1. Find the game want to download on by clicking on the search button, for example: “God of War”. How to Download - codex reloaded game
  2. Once you find it, go to the article and scroll down to find the download link.
    How to Download - codex reloaded game
  3. You click on the [] button to go to the page containing the download links.
    How to Download - codex reloaded game
  4. Next you have to copy the password below the button to have access to the links for 1 day.
    How to Download - codex reloaded game
  5. Once you have reached the page containing the download links you can choose one of the many links provided to download your game for free.
    How to Download - codex reloaded game

Navigating 1Fichier Download Links

1Fichier serves as a prominent source for downloadable content. To initiate a download:

  1. Wait for about 30/40 seconds.
  2. Click the ‘Orange’ download button on 1Fichier’s interface.
  3. If the site’s in French, switch to English by changing the language settings.
  4. On the ensuing page, select ‘Click here to download the file.’
  5. Encounter errors? Try ‘Download without SSL encryption’ before hitting the ‘Orange’ button.
  6. If 1Fichier doesn’t load or access is denied, consider employing a different browser or a VPN.
  7. Please note that at 1Fichier, you can download only one file at a time.

How to Download - codex reloaded game

Effortless Downloading from Mega, Pixeldrain, and More

Downloading from networks such as Mega, Pixeldrain, Mediafire, Sendcm, and Userscloud is a breeze:

  1. Click the available ‘Download’ button.
  2. Be patient – sometimes a 5-second wait is required before your download commences.
  3. Be prepared for occasional pop-up ads before your download initiates.
  4. If downloads remain stubbornly inert, a VPN can be your solution to access blocked websites.

Grasping Torrent Download Links

For ‘.torrent’ files stemming from platforms like 1Fichier and Sendcm:

  1. These torrents generally require the Utorrent program. Download it from the official source.
  2. After clicking the “Open uTorrent” button, ensure the Utorrent program is open.
  3. If issues persist, consider an alternate browser or reinstalling a different torrent client.
  4. With the correct settings, Utorrent can dramatically enhance download speeds.

Embracing Magnet Download Links

Magnet download links, incorporating Torrent downloads, necessitate the Utorrent program:

  1. Download Utorrent from the designated source.
  2. Upon clicking the Magnet link, a popup appears. Click ‘Open Utorrent’ to initiate the download.
  3. The uTorrent program will seamlessly start downloading your torrent.

How to Download - codex reloaded game

Mastering File Extraction

Once your download concludes, follow these steps:

  1. Run the setup application to begin the installation process.
  2. In certain cases, extract the file first, then utilize WinRAR. Download WinRAR if necessary.

Overcoming Download Challenges

Should your download stall or errors surface:

  1. Try a different browser to troubleshoot download initiation issues.
  2. Opting for a VPN can bypass geographical restrictions, providing access to blocked content.

Final Thoughts

In your quest for swift and efficient downloads, remember to employ the Chrome or Firefox browser for an optimal experience. Utilizing the tips and insights from this guide, you’ll become a proficient navigator of the intricate world of online file downloading.

FAQs About Downloading from

  1. Is using a Free Download Manager essential? While not mandatory, a Free Download Manager can significantly expedite your downloads, especially for larger files.
  2. What should I do if 1Fichier doesn’t load at all? If you’re facing difficulties accessing 1Fichier, consider using a different browser or a VPN to circumvent any restrictions.
  3. Can I download multiple files simultaneously on 1Fichier? No, 1Fichier restricts users to downloading one file at a time.
  4. Why do some downloads require a 5-second wait? Some download platforms include a brief wait before initiating downloads as part of their anti-bot measures.
  5. Is using a VPN safe for downloading files? Using a reputable VPN is generally safe and can be effective in bypassing regional restrictions, enhancing your downloading experience.